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In The Know With Coco + Cowe: Friday April 9, 2021

TGIF, Cowes! We’re struggling as we start to feel like every day is meshing into one. Use this as your reminder to have some “you time” this weekend, after ordering from Sephora’s Spring Savings event, of course. 🙂

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from Taylor Swift’s Fearless revival, Spring skincare for the soul, the ten biggest fits of the week and how to set the mood for a date night with yourself- it’s all you, baby!

  1. What is a vaccine passport?
  2. If you haven’t indulged in Justin Bieber’s at-home Tiny Desk Concert, please watch it right now.
  3. Three beautiful pieces of advice for you (+ yours).
  4. Grilled baby lamb chops and spring pea salad to whip up and feast on this weekend.
  5. Taylor Swift releases six tracks “from the vault” and did we ever miss Taylor’s Fearless era.
  6. So, you want to clean out your closet? Step one. 
  7. *brb* teleporting to planet Saweetie rn.
  8. Your weekend horoscope.
  9. What we’re purchasing from Sephora’s Spring Savings Event.
  10. Spring skincare for the soul.
  11. How to set the mood for a date night with yourself– it’s all you, baby!
  12. The ten biggest fits of the week.
  13. The music mix keeping us alive this week.
  14. The rise and rise of Amanda Gorman.
  15. The boyfriend sweat shorts you can find us in all summer long.


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