#AprilChallenge: Week Two Check-In

Happy Friyay, Cowes!

Another week bites the dust. How is everyone feeling energy-wise? Tag us here with your current energy level and why you think that is.

We often feel sucked dry by Friday night and need a good night of sleep to get through the weekend. This week our emotions are all over the place, with Ontario breaking records for highest COVID-19 case counts, we’re feeling torn about how much longer this can really continue going on. We’re finding the sweet escape is getting our exercise in.

Now, excuse us as we try to stay positive through it all! But all we’re trying to say is that whatever you are feeling, you’re not ALONE. If you haven’t checked out our go-to resources shared last week to help us stay on track, click here to explore apps and items The Cowe swears by. This week we’re focusing on mindset and movement. Keep scrolling for natural energy boosters and our fave three nutritious recipes below.

Energy Boosters 

  • Get Outside. Whether it be for a walk, run, jump rope sesh. At least 30-minutes a day is crucial for your mindset as the weather gets warmer here in Toronto.
  • Practice Gratitude. The 5-Minute Journal has been our quarantine saving grace.
  • Call Your Friend(s). We feel like quarantine has been tough because we feel so unmotivated to keep in touch with our people after a long day of back-to-back Zoom’s or just being in our own heads. But after we call a friend or family member we always feel 1000% better and uplifted.
  • Drink Freshly Squeezed OJ. We straight up had freshly squeezed orange juice this week one AM and felt reawakened.
  • Try A New Recipe. Get creative with your protein, veggies and whole grains. Pinterest is great for scrolling and finding something filled with all the flavours and ingredients you love.
  • Sleep More. When life resumes, sleep will be one of the first things sacrificed, get a few extra hours in while you can, Cowes! Even if it means just tucking yourself in an hour earlier, your body and mind will thank you later.
  • Stop Relying On Others for Your Own Happiness. All you got is you at the end of the day, Cowes! Listen to this episode with Coach Carey for some serious mood boosters.



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