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CWC + Friends: Chef Craig Wong

Happy #HumpDay, Cowes!

This week on CWC + Friends, we sat down with our favourite Chef, Mr Craig Wong, for an honest conversation that will leave you feeling all types of way.

Craig’s POV is refreshing and he is so damn to earth, all things considered! Throughout this conversation, Craig shares his journey to becoming a Chef, how being a father has made him a better decision-maker, the role food has played in his life, his experience on-air co-hosting the Cook Like A Chef series, and the beauty behind existing in a world that’s somewhere in the middle.

IYKYK, Chef Craig Wong is the owner of two delicious resto’s in the city, Patois and Bar Mignonette. Patois is the best mashup of Jamaican-Chinese food straight from Craig’s soul, you can order takeout by clicking here. Bar Mignonette is actually tucked on top of the Patois space, with a fresh menu offering a variety of seafood dishes, seasonal vegetables and natural wines (yes, please!). You can order takeout by clicking here. 

In today’s ep, Craig stresses the lack of understanding that has been shown towards all small businesses. He goes on to say, “I can’t tell you how many of my friends that are super successful, very talented at what they’re doing, hard-working, that are on the brink… I can’t imagine Toronto being the same city without the restaurants, without the cool small businesses, I think there is a real lack of understanding from the support that us small business owners need.”

Listen here as we discuss the damaging domino effect of outcomes as a result of the government’s decision-making throughout COVID times.

We dig deep this week on CWC + Friends. Craig shares his perspective around the Asian American hate crimes that have brutally taken place, especially over the past six months and how he has learned to control his emotions when responding to racism. We promise you, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. Click here to listen now!

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