How To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle

As our wellness reset comes to an end, it’s really only the beginning of implementing long-term habits and making healthier choices (as cliché as it sounds).

Sometimes we fall off the wagon as one does and it takes a little restriction to remind us why it’s so important to fuel our bodies with the nutrients it needs. Our five most important takeaways from the habits we’ve re-implemented over the past month are:

  1. Meal Prep. This is no secret but we stay 1000% more on track when we have prepared food the night before for the following day/week. Stock your fridge on the weekend and find fun, healthy recipes on Pinterest to spice it up a lil bit!
  2. Move Your Body. It doesn’t always have to be a scheduled boot camp or HIIT. Even if it’s a 45-minute walk outside, just do it. We like scheduling time in our calendar for a sweat sesh or power walk using fun emojis to make it more motivating. For ex: 💦✨👙🌸 – is it just us?
  3. Journal Daily. We recommend picking up a copy of the 5-minute journal, it’s not as daunting because it’s literally only 5-minutes a day! We promise, once you make it a habit, your mindset will shift from “needing” to “wanting” to write that sh!t down.
  4. Hydrate. More Than You Think You Should. Our go-to obnoxious gallon water bottle is perfect for staying hydrated during WFH life. This baby serves as a serious reminder to just keep sipping.
  5. Be Kind To Yourself. Things don’t always go according to plan (we can’t help but laugh as we type that out). But seriously! Life happens and sometimes you have to live a little. Nothing will ever be just right so keep doing the best that you can, Cowes! It’s important to find that balance but never restrict yourself beyond belief when your past the point of resisting the temptation to indulge.

What keeps you on track? Let us know in the comment section below and by tagging us here. 


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