6 Affordable Home Decor Items

Cowes! I’m moving this May so I’ve been scrolling page after page to nail down some cute decor pieces that aren’t upwards of $150. We’re back to balling on a budget if you know what I mean. Scroll on for a few favourites that I’ve purchased or plan on purchasing to make my new space have some sort of aesthetic. You’ll definitely notice a cream/oatmeal theme. Let me know in the comment section below what your dream home style is!

Bloomist: Pale Wood Chain, Large Link

OK. How cute and neutral is she? I skipped the marble link this time around and discovered this XL pale wood link and I think I love it. I’m going to alternate this piece around the kitchen and living room, once my coffee table comes in, I feel like it’ll live there long-term. You can either place it flat on whatever surface or on top of a coffee table book, I envision it living its best life on top of my Jacquemus IMAGES book.

H&M Home: Washed Linen Cover

On my house hunt, I have found that throw/accent pillows are much more expensive than I thought. It probably also has to do with the fact that Home Sense is closed so I can’t make my way over there to save on the pillow bundles Home Sense often graces us with. I LOVE LINEN and have found some fab finds at H&M Home, online of course. They also have the pillow inserts at a reasonable price so you can get everything in one go! These are basic but a serious staple for my couch and bed. They have other options that are printed and textured depending on how you’re styling your space.

Anthropologie: Abstract Twist Decorative Object

This little cutie is so neutral and a nice statement piece on your coffee table or media console. Also, it’s $58! I feel like that’s one of the lowest prices I’ve seen for some sort of abstract statement piece. I love keeping my colour palette simple but mixing textures to elevate the space, I feel like this is a great addition to the living room lineup.

Crate & Barrel: Lorin Taper Holders

I’ve seen different candle holder variations all over the place but this one stood out to me. It will become a staple piece for my dining area/countertop that can be freshened up by swapping out different taper candles, I currently love this pale pink to give the space a dainty pop of colour!

Urban Outfitters: Lydia Woven Basket

Again with the textures! I’ve seen these jute style baskets everywhere. I honestly might end up ordering the smaller version for my balcony so I can throw blankets and any other goodies in there!

Urban Outfitters: Female Form Vase 

We are living for the female form vase variations that we’ve seen. This one is dainty and affordable, perfect for your night table. I want to make a habit out of fresh flowers on a weekly basis so this little vase is the perfect motivation to do just that!

Let me know in the comment section below if you purchase any of these items, I’d love to know what’s in your cart. Also, if you’re looking for more affordable sites, I love Simons Home, Walmart (things you didn’t even know they had, they do), Hudson’s Bay (it’s currently BAY DAYS), and Wyrth (Toronto-based). These are all great options to scroll through and discover some fab finds.

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