How To Finally Start Your Back Burner Project or Begin Again

It’s crazy to believe we have been in and out of lockdowns for over a year in Ontario, Canada. The even more shocking part of that is how we have yet to begin one of the back burner projects we’ve BEEEN wanting to start for what feels like forever.

We’re here to share our top five tips for how to take the leap and get started for real because if we keep putting it off until “tomorrow”, we’ll never get around to it. Read on for instant inspo!

Just Start

There’s always the thought of I want to finish this or make sure that is perfect before I get started. Life will always get in the way of the “perfect” setup so what you have to do is just start. Yes, today!

Commit To At Least 1 Hour A Week

Consistency is key when striving to make any sort of progress or acquire a new skill. If you don’t make the time to practice consistency in your new project, no one else will. The only way we succeed when making time to work on something over here is by actually blocking it out in our calendars. Start with one hour a week for the first month so it’s less daunting. This can be broken up by 10/15 minutes a day during the week or an hour on a Saturday afternoon when your mindset feels more at peace as opposed to during your 9 to 5.

Do Your Research

When starting something new, it can feel uncomfy and more often than not, you feel extra vulnerable simply because you’re in the very beginning stages of learning and finding your footing. Know that everyone who is “really good at something” started somewhere for the first time and they were no pro on day one, despite what it may look like online. Trust us when we say that! There are so many resources, from podcast episodes with industry leaders and exclusive interviews in print. We love listening to How I Built This with Guy Raz, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her and Life With Marianna for intel from successful entrepreneurial spirits.

Speak It Into Existence 

Nothing becomes real until you say it out loud, can we get an amen? Now, repeat it every day. To yourself, to your people, to people you don’t even know. The more you speak something into existence, the more likely it is to become a reality, with hard work of course. Manifestation aligns with this way of thinking, check out our post It’s Time To Start Setting Intentions to get started!

Identify Goals

Often when we think about trying something new or becoming better at something that we don’t have as much experience with, there is a purpose behind that want and passion to move forward with the thing. Think about what it is that will motivate you to commit to being consistent with starting this project for the first time or beginning again. Then use those goals as your motivation to get to certain checkpoints by specific dates. It makes the process even more fulfilling, we promise!

Do you (suddenly) feel inspired to start that project or chase that hobby you’ve been interested in? Let us know in the comment section below or by tagging us here. 

This month, our team is tackling at least one thing we’ve wanted to “start” or pick back up again after not prioritizing it. Stay tuned via IG Story on Friday’s this month.


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