Three Podcast Episodes To Listen To RN

Today, we’re needing a little extra #MondayMotivation. See three episodes that we’ve loved over these past few weeks. These podcasts are also three of our most frequented shows because the guests each host has on always bring at least one valuable takeaway.

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The Skinny Confidential: Emma Grede – Founder & Partner of Good American, Skims, & Safely On How To Build A Career Of Your Dreams, Network, Hustle, Communicate, & Get It All Done In Style 

Emma is the realest! A total boss lady and mama of two who has conquered all odds and is so transparent in giving advice, showing empathy and knowing her strengths. This episode will give you instant inspo, Emma didn’t take shortcuts and she has had to work for every opportunity she’s been granted, she expresses it all throughout this episode and you can’t help but feel inspired.

Life with Marianna: Tezza on How To Shoot and Edit Instagram Content 

Tezza is one of our favourites. We’ve always loved the Tezza app, By Tezza Collage Kits and most recently, Lello Eyewear, next she plans to expand in the footwear and jewelry industries- wow! There is no stopping her and her biz partner, who also happens to be her hubby. In this episode, she chats through the struggle of building an app and more importantly, maintaining its functionality. She gives advice for both influencers looking to grow and entrepreneurs looking to start their own biz. A special reminder to trust the process and that if you don’t have immediate success, it doesn’t mean that thing will never be successful.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty: 8 Types of Toxic People and 5 Steps to Setting Stronger Boundaries

I mean, is the episode title not enough? This is a 29-minute episode that SLAPS. Just a friendly reminder to check yourself and to reflect on the relationships in your life. Jay is so powerful and engaging in his episode delivery. Poor boundaries are the cause of diminishing relationships, Jay breaks down the eight types of people and you’ll be making instant connections to people in your life rn. Cowes, it’s time to let go of the resentment and bitterness. Interested? Listen now as you get through your grocery list or morning routine!

How are you staying motivated through these times? Let us know in the comment section below.


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