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CWC + Friends: Derrick Jaxn’s Cheating Scandal | Trio Episode

This week on CWC + Friends, we share our thoughts, comments and concerns on the Derrick Jaxn cheating scandal (see Confession video here). The header image is an outtake from the confession video BTW.

Today, we chat about society’s constructs surrounding how men and women should behave, the importance of transparent communication, how to move forward with someone who has been deceitful, the role religion plays in defining faithfulness and the value of being real with yourself. Literally, you can get a taste of who Derrick Jaxn is by watching just one of his YouTube videos, with a channel tagline that reads “common sense uncut”. As you dive in, you’ll understand why this is so problematic.

Derrick Jaxn has built his whole brand around something that he won’t do, i.e., cheat. Shan Boodram positions this as if you build your brand around something you’re not going to do, it can really increase the likelihood that you’re going to do the thing. The reason for that is when you do that sort of thing, you don’t leave yourself blank pages… The concept says that if we don’t leave ourselves opportunities to go off of the script that we think we’re supposed to have in our lives, it doesn’t allow us to respond accordingly to what’s actually going on. In Derrick Jaxn’s case and in any human’s case, this makes perfect sense. We change our minds and when we feel restricted it almost motivates us to act out simply because of our DNA. 

The New York Post published this piece, Relationship ‘guru’ Derrick Jaxn exposed for serial cheating on wife that gives all background info on the situation. It’s definitely worth reading if you’re feeling lost reading this current post.

Today, we chat through this idea and the blatant hypocrisy being demonstrated by Mr. Jaxn, we put ourselves in his wife’s shoes and discuss the deep, dark people of the internet.

In this episode, the girls and I dish on if it’s possible to start again with someone who has been deceitful and the beauty of how people can change.

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