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CWC + Friends: How To Get Started | Trio Episode

Happy #HumpDay, Cowes!

Today, on Conversations With Coco + Friends we sat down to act as a verbal kick in the booty for those of you on the fence.

Cleo, Pilar and I share the importance of just hitting GO on your back burner idea that hasn’t been revisited in what feels like forever. We share how to overcome the pressure involved before announcing something to the world, how to fail faster because there are no shortcuts, how to veer from your OG plan and why it’s OK to do so.

Hold yourself accountable to be consistent in whatever it is that your pursuing or taking the leap on. No boss is telling you when you want to start your own business to do it, it’s all you. Also, accept the fact that you’ll never be perfect on your first try, I promise you that! So, accept failure and fail fast because you can’t cheat the experience and to learn from misses is so much more valuable than coasting your way through. Listen now for instant motivation.

We have all written out our goals and plans but beyond that is manifesting your dreams and there is a difference. But what is most important to remember is that life happens, we all know how quickly many things don’t go according to plan and it’s important to reevaluate your perspective in creating a flexible timeline. Sometimes your dream comes knocking on your door two years earlier than “scheduled” or three years after hoping. Never dwell on defeat when something doesn’t happen when and how you want it.

In terms of resources mentioned in today’s episode, I’m not a big app girl but Pilar and Cleo share their saviours. Pilar is an avid time blocker and uses her Notes + Reminders app on her iPhone religiously, she also mentions Lynda in this episode. A multi-purpose online learning platform that helps anyone at any level learn biz, software, tech and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. They offer a free trial so check it out if it’s of interest to you.

Cleo is a big Streak gal, she loves scheduling emails because her schedule can be a little all over the place so this helps create order. Streak is a downloadable browser extension that helps manage any workflow from your inbox and let’s be real, we’re always here to make our lives easier.

Also, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. It is not a weakness, it’s actually a strength. You can not do everything alone and you shouldn’t. Read that again and encourage the people in your life to do the same. I hope you enjoy today’s episode as much as we did planning it. There’s nothing like a powerful reminder to chase your passion project after living through such unexpected circumstances over the past year! 

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