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CWC + Friends: Vivian Kaye

This week, we sat down with Vivian KayeFounder and CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki, a premium textured hair extension brand for Black women that she bootstrapped to over $6 million in revenue. She is also a Business Empowerment Coach, Shopify Expert & Instructor and an all-around dope woman. Trust me when I say, Vivian’s energy in today’s episode is FELT!

Vivian is the mentor we all want advising us on our next best decision, she keeps it real and she reveals how she managed to become successful even when all odds were against her!

We chat about the importance and value of competition, how to find your why, why Rachel Hollis is problematic, what Chad would do and why you should start setting and sticking to your boundaries.

Vivian has created the best concept that she refers to as what would Chad do? WWJD vibes but even better. So, Chad is not a specific person. It is not meant to bash men, it is not meant to diminish anyone’s accomplishments. It is simply a mood, an energy, an attitude. Let’s be real, we all know that one guy whose confidence overrides your qualifications. It’s the sense of entitlement that some men have. So really what would Chad do is to help you get that audacity, to get that confidence, because ladies, we got it! Vivian goes on to say “You need your experience and your confidence to meet up and be great. So for me, how I came up with it was just being in this e-commerce world, right? Because again, you said I was an immigrant, I’m a college dropout, I’m a single mom. I’m all of these things. I’m the exact opposite of, if you Googled what success looks like, I’m the exact opposite of that. And so in order for me to start sharing my story and really feeling confident, I’m like, well, what would Chad do? Right?”

That will seriously be our go-to when dealing with self-doubt. Overcome self-doubt and feel inspired as you hear Vivian’s story in today’s episode.

Also, the best line from the episode is Vivian comparing life’s obstacles to manure, “Shit is always hitting the fan for me. I always like to say, shit is manure. Because, you know, people take manure and they plant it and they use it to grow things and the things flourish.” With every low comes a high, are you with us? Feel a part of this conversation after listening now. 

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