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In The Know With Coco + Cowe: Friday June 4, 2021

Happy Friyay, Cowes! Cheers to relaxing, recharging and having an extra dirty martini in hand.

It’s official, Mercury is in retrograde so don’t freak out when sh!t hits the fan over these next few weeks. In the meantime, stay #InTheKnow with everything from, differentiating mineral and chemical sunscreens, a six-minute ab routine, how Boy Smells is celebrating Pride, the art of replacing self-care with no commitment days, TV series to look out for this Summer, and a refreshing mezcal pineapple cocktail to level up your cocktail at-home game!

  1. “Can Poker Help You Win At Life?” Asking for a friend.
  2. The difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens and why it’s important to care.
  3. Just familiarized ourselves with the term “no commitment days”and we’re about to jump on this bandwagon for “self-care”.
  4. A legendary potato salad trick as we approach BBQ season.
  5. A sweaty six-minute ab routine. See! There are no excuses.
  6. Happy Pride Month! It’s Pride month every month over here but we’ll always find more ways to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ fam.
  7. About to make Chrissy Teigen’s mezcal pineapple cocktail. We’ll share our review next week!
  8. All-natural ways to help clear acne prone skin – yes, please!
  9. How 50 years of suits have shaped the way men think about their bodies thanks to GQ.
  10. 10 TV series premiering this Summer for when your social life starts to feel too overwhelming.
  11. Boy Smells levels up with a Pride candle reveal, inspired by five influential figures of the LGBTQ+ community.
  12. Am I Too Sensitive?” For us, the answer is always no.
  13. Bright and bold nail inspo, hot girl summer + vacay approved.
  14. Your monthly horoscope for June is here and ready to rock your world, despite Mercury being in retrograde.
  15. Olivia Rodrigo knows her audience, as seen on apparel is now avail on Depop. *cue “Sour Shop”*


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