#FridayFavourites: Home Edit

This month, I’ve been sharing my #FridayFavourites with you all. So far, I’ve covered my can’t live without kitchen and beauty items and this week, I’m sharing my go-to home goods. I could seriously include 50 items on this list but I’ve narrowed it down to under 10 pieces that I love in my home. Read on for a few of my go-to vendors and pieces.

Kandl Candles: 88 Avenue
I love candles. Of course, the scent of them takes priority but I can also appreciate a beautiful one-of-a-kind vessel and local candle store, Kandl offers me just that. This particular scent, 88 Avenue is a scent I continue to burn, rebuy and gift because it’s both fresh and woody and I love it. All Kandl scents have a powerful way of filling the whole floor of the house they are burned on and it’s beautiful to me. 
TYPE Books
I’m a big book worm and I’ve always been the one to have a hard copy in hand/at home instead of listening via Audible. I can’t wait to dive into this memoir as Yusef Salaam, of the Exonerated Five, inspires us all to turn our stories into tools for change in the pursuit of racial justice. More listening and learning that I find a real passion for by reading people’s stories and understanding their perspectives.

Black Rooster is a Toronto-based store with unique, stylish furniture and accessories that are top-quality and made to last. Something I love is how they only sell merchandise that they’ve seen themselves and vouch for 100%. I got my dining room chairs from here and a few other accent chairs in my home and I’ll never look back. When I was browsing their site today, I found these two chair options that I’m into right now. Boucle Dining Chair (1) + Black Lennon Chair (2)
I’ve legit spoken about these slippers this week already LOL. I love these so much and so does Jimmy. They are our staple at-home “indoor” shoe. So comfy for all season and my feet feel lost without them, especially in the winter.
This vase is one of the best contour vases I’ve seen, ever. It will make anyone who walks into your home do a double-take LOL. Also, the brand is Toronto-based so just another wonderful reason to #ShopLocal.
I’ve never looked back after investing in these sleeping pillows from Four Seasons. They’re cloud-like while still being firm enough to get a comfortable sleep and not feel any neck discomfort.
Sleep is so beyond important, so setting your bedroom up for the best night’s sleep, night after night requires a whole lineup. Bamboo sheets have been tried, tested and true for maximizing my sleep experience and controlling my body temp throughout the night! Would highly recommend looking into bamboo options because there’s a ton out there.


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