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In The Know With Coco + Cowe: Friday June 25, 2021

TGIF, Cowes!

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from luxurious glamping retreats, a beauty gift guide for the wellness lover in your life, the sexiest audio app on the market, a must-visit summer gallery, glow in the dark kayaking, wedding dress rentals and more.

  1.  Sail your way to a flatter stomach with these papaya breakfast boats. 
  2.  Pinkys in the sky and rods in the water; get glamping this summer with a luxurious camping retreat.
  3. Spark your imagination and reignite your desire by diving into Dipsea the sexiest audio app out there.
  4. Watch John Wineland explain how to wake up his King when he is in his feminine. 
  5. Is her love language gifts? Even if it isn’t she will absolutely want these!
  6. Take a tour of the cutest summer gallery for all things home.
  7.  32 breakfast sandwich recipes that will make eating at home a curated culinary experience.
  8. GLOW IN THE DARK KAYAKING?! In Toronto – say less. 
  9.  The Kardashians under scrutiny after final reunion special airs.
  10. Is renting your wedding dress the new way to cut down on wedding costs?
  11. Take yourself on a trip to one of these out of this world stays in Ontario until travel restrictions are lifted.
  12. Why it’s so powerful to hear Britney in her own words.
  13. A sleek watch for every new Formula 1 superfan, cue Bell & Ross.
  14. Another day, another #NewMusicFriday, hello The Weeknd and Doja Cat collab.
  15. The beauty products Bella Hadid’s makeup artist swears by. *adds everything to cart*


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