5 High Support Sports Bras

We’re a busty group of ladies here at The Cowe trying to get our cardio in as comfortably as we can if there is such a thing! The right sports bra makes such a difference. There’s nothing worse than trying to jump rope in a spaghetti strap bra when you’re a DDD. Scroll on for tried, tested and true sport bra options below.

Adam Selman Sport Contour Bra

This bra is not only supportive and sleek but it can also be worn comfortably on its own. Let’s be real, there are very few bras that we can rock without a tee over top. We love the high neck and seams on this bra, it really holds the girls in. The materials used make this bra super high quality between workouts and washes.

Under Armour Infinity High Sports Bra 

We live for an adjustable strap and back clasp, in addition to extra coverage so there’s no boob spillage while we’re 30-seconds into mountain climbers. This bra is high quality and it will last you for quite a while between workouts and washes.

Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

We have yet to be disappointed in a Knix purchase but we had to share this bra because it seriously is the most supportive seamless bra we have ever tried and worked out in. The straps are adjustable and this bra’s design separates and encapsulates your breasts, dramatically reducing movement by 76%. Perfect for your next treadmill workout!

Lululemon Enlite Bra Zip Front 

This is one of our favourite styles from Lululemon to keep the girls in while still looking chic. Even though the straps aren’t adjustable, the size range makes up for it. This bra ranges from sizes 30C to 40E.

Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra 

This is the perfect mobility/low-intensity training sports bra. On lower impact training days, this style provides enough support and coverage when we’re not doing back to back burpees. We like this particular style because the band and straps are a bit thicker than Nike’s OG racerback sports bra which obviously makes a huge difference for us busty gals.

What’s your favourite sports bra? Let us know down below or by tagging us here. 


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