Discover Dipsea, Your New Digital Bae

Why do you masturbate? Is it for dopamine, better sleep, stress relief, your only option during this pandemic, or dare I say it may be you’re just horny? Any of these options are great reasons to masturbate! Self-pleasure is one of the best ways to get to know your body and helps produce oxytocin the “love” hormone, serotonin that helps with increasing happiness endorphins, our “feel good” chemicals, and prolactin which is needed for reproduction and aids in stress management; not to mention masturbation feels FANTASTIC! 

Often as women, masturbation is the time when we drift off and imagine our wildest fantasies (Idris Elba thrusting you onto a bed before a passionate makeout in missionary 👀)! It is the “me time” we so desperately crave, and for many of us the only time we can climax while not feeling somewhat obligated to provide reciprocal pleasure or gratification to a partner, and as a woman, that is such an empowering feeling! 

Earlier this year, during a sexual pandemic-induced drought tirelessly looking for an alternative to pornography, iPhone sent a targeted Instagram ad for Dipsea.  Many women report finding it hard to connect with porn at all. It lacks authenticity, the bodies are usually very contrived and you need to watch really corny videos with bad acting and awful musical accompaniments, to even get a glimpse of decent foreplay! 

Dipsea is an app featuring professional voice actors that feature erotic stories and explicit content to ignite your imagination. Remember fan fiction? It’s similar but the audible version and more targeted towards YOU feeling yourself, literally! 

Move over Bumble, Tinder and Hinge, prepare to pick your gent’, do you like Carlos, Henry or Theo? (HINT: the right answer is Carlos OH. MY. GOD. Thank us later).

Have you ever been in bed with a man and had him say all the right things? Ya, me neither! It has taken the Dipsea app to finally get it “right!” Listen to erotic stories between couples, or in POV mode where the actors talk directly to you, you can even remove the sex altogether and just have them make some mundane background noise. On Dipsea, they can do it all! Listen to them do dishes, play chess, finish up some laundry and even strum the guitar on a beach for you as you fall asleep. (You’ll have to do your own dishes and laundry in the morning but you also just got to pass right out after your orgasm so, it’s a win-win)! Wait, it gets better Cowes! Not only is the app super inclusive, featuring LGBTQ+ content but it also has a complete Wellness section featuring Guided Self Touch and Erotic Breathing Techniques! 

To conclude; this app may have been designed to eradicate the male species altogether and we ain’t mad at it! Whatever your kink is Dipsea has content to help facilitate your imagination; it’s literally ASMR for your vagina! Download the app, put on your headphones, light a candle and connect with yourself tonight.

That’s all! Let us know if you try this one at home by commenting down below or tagging us here.


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