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CWC + Friends: Dr. Omodele Ayeni


We’re so excited to be back on our recording schedule. It’s been challenging coordinating everyone’s availability but finally, Fall is upon us and we’ve got some incredible guests lined up for you.

This week, we sat down with Dr. Omodele Ayeni. A plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon with over 22 years of post-secondary training and independent practice experience. Dr. Ayeni comes from a family of surgeons, we were curious about the pressures of being part of a family of all talented practitioners in the medical field. Dr. Ayeni shares his gateway to plastic surgery after his dreams of being in the NBA crashed and burned.

In today’s episode, we get into the nitty-gritty of invasive and non-invasive procedures, differentiating filler and botox, managing expectations and of course we touched on destination surgeries.

We chat about the way desired “aesthetic” changes over time and the role Black culture plays a role in the world of plastics and what comes with achieving a certain “look” by hand-picking certain qualities to transform and enhance. You’ll understand what we mean when you listen now

Are you thinking about getting plastic surgery or do you know someone in your life who is? Be sure to read the following three takeaways from Dr. Ayeni before booking your first or next procedure.

  1. Make sure your plastic surgeon is Board Certified (nomenclature in different countries can be slightly different) but in Canada make sure they’re a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada (FRCMD after their name). 
  2. Get multiple consults, even if it’s with the same surgeon. Spend time with them and make sure you vibe with your surgeon. Come prepared with your questions. 
  3. Destination Plastic surgery isn’t all bad. BUT If you’re trying to go the cheaper route with your surgery by going international, please understand that there’s a threshold where you “get what you pay for” and the revision surgery needed to fix the previous work will end up costing much more and you might not be able to “fix it”

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