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In The Know With Coco + Cowe: Friday August 27, 2021

Happy Friyay Cowes! This week we are staying #InTheKnow with hacks to make your Collar Bones pop, removing redness with Kristen Bell, a back-to-school style guide for your mini-me, a glute workout sure to perk up your booty, some laughs to perk up your smile, the wait for Insecure season 5 is almost over and a lot more! 

  1. What does Jenna Dewan think of Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz?
  2. Make those collar bones pop
  3. It’s Friday, you should be smiling
  4. Remove your redness with Kristen Bell.
  5. Reigniting your desire.
  6. Sweeten up your Saturday with these delicious dessert recipes.
  7. A Back-to-School style guide for your mini-me.
  8. Find some fun in the sun at these secret beaches! 
  9. Are the Biebers clashing?
  10. Mirror, mirror on the wall..who’s the hottest of them all?
  11. Get that booty to the sky, with the best at home glute workout
  12. “Why you gotta’ be so “Insecure”?
  13. Baby hairstyling hacks.
  14. How to win an argument based on zodiac sign.
  15. The fabulous hotels your favourite celebrities have stayed at this Summer. TYSM, Vogue.


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