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CWC + Friends: Meghan Watson, Psychotherapist + Founder of Bloom

Happy Hump Day, Cowes!

Today, we share our conversation with the realest psychotherapist we have chatted with, like ever. Cue Meghan Watson. (FYI, psychotherapy defines the act and process itself of therapy.)

In this week’s episode, Meghan talks us through the differences between Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists; she teaches us a bit about Body Based Healing and how to use it in your daily life, AND she shows us how fun and play can transform your entire perspective on how you live. Yes to more fun and play, please!

Read on for tips from Meghan and the advice she transparently shares if you’re hesitant or afraid to ask for help. Meghan keeps it 100 and we respect the hell out of her for that. ALSO, if you’re interested in getting a new therapist or finding someone to talk to, she actually has her own Psychology & Wellness clinic, Bloom – we highly recommend checking it out!

Meghan’s Tips For Coping

  • There are levels of coping skills and levels of healing — but sometimes the “things” everyone says to do like “go for a walk, get a plant, make banana bread etc” aren’t what “work”. That’s not going to help you when you’re having a panic attack bc in the heat of an emotional storm, you forget what’s available to you. Not every emotional storm will feel the same and the intensity will differ
  • Try Body Based Healing and support: what can you use your senses for to ground yourself and connect. that might mean stepping into the shower with all of your clothes on or gulping down ice water or holding a cup of hot tea. These things feel small but they can put you back into the present and then once you’re stable you can make a decision about what’s next.
  • Making room for play and creativity is transformative and has been for her. Because children don’t just learn as they grow up, because as they grow up they also forget — wisdom is the process of remembering what it means to be in your body and play and be creative and new/novel that you maybe haven’t tried before. So once a month, she makes the space for that

Meghan’s Advice For Someone Afraid To Ask For Help 

  • Doing things alone isn’t always the best way (repeat it + send it to a friend)
  • Allowing the skill and the tool of discernment to guide you into finding the right fit for a therapist. It’s very hard to find a therapist
  • Finding a therapist is about identity fit and building a relationship. Each therapist has their own way of showing up to the space and making you feel like you can talk about what it is that’s going on. That process can be faster or slower depending on how connected or safe you are with the therapist and how much they understand your lived experience and what you’re going through.
  • A lot of people are afraid to ask therapists personal questions in the consult bc they think it’s inappropriate. But Meghan encourages clients to ask the one question they want to ask them that they’re afraid to ask. Allow yourself to ask therapist questions, even ones you’re fearful to ask to see how they respond, hold that space, to see their own boundaries and you can learn from them.

Click here to find out what you should be looking for in your first consultation with a psychotherapist. Thank you for listening, Cowes! We can’t wait to continue sharing some of our favourite guests this season.

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