How To Host Labour Day At Home

Celebrating the long weekend from home this year? Same. I pulled together this tablescape with a DIY tablecloth from Fabric Land, grocery store flowers, $1 store vases and a few odds and ends from around the house! It just goes to show, you can host beautifully on a budget. If you’re feeling up to a last-minute hang at your place this #LabourDay weekend, read on for my tips and tricks, bound to impress even your biggest critics (aka your family). 

1) Go for finger foods that are not only easy to make but easy for people to pick up. This massive sandwich is layered with mixed deli meats, double cheese and muffuletta between two slices of fresh @fornocultura bread. I make a bunch of these XL sammies and cut them into 4-6 individual sandwiches for people to grab and enjoy. These also make for tasty edible statement pieces on your table.

I even levelled up our set up with a vegan-friendly, gluten free + dairy free masterpiece of a cake with edible flowers from Organic Bytes. Trust me when I say, it tastes as good as it looks!

2) Always buy more ice than you think! Since there’s not enough space in your freezer to stock bags and bags of ice, purchase your ice an hour or so before your gathering and load up the bags into coolers in your garage or a cool dark place until you’re ready to hit the ground running! I also recommend dumping ice into one large cooler and throwing in a bunch of cans of soda/mixers, and don’t forget to throw in a few water bottles. 

3) Overbuy alcohol because if you don’t already know, you can always return unopened alc to the LCBO. It’s always better to have more on hand, especially on holidays since the LCBO is closed! 

Save this post to reference these tips during your next occasion! How are you spending #LabourDayWeekend? Let us know down below or tag us here in your setup.




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