My Fall Reset

Fall is forever that time of year where I feel like a reset is in order. The summer was full of beautiful indulgence and now that Harlowe is finally back in school, there is way more room for structure and to cut out some of the habits that have overstayed their welcome. 

This year a group of my friends and I are doing a reset that encourages us to focus a little more on our health without feeling like we’re in jail (though some of the group may argue with me on that…) Here are the guidelines that we will be following for 30 days – in the hopes that some of these become good habits that stick for longer:

  • Move Everyday. For us, that means closing our ‘move’ rings (Apple Watch gang) and ensuring we have walked at least 10,000 steps.
  • Eat Clean. This can vary from person to person but for me, I am doing a hormone cleanse which has me removing gluten and dairy from my diet and eating a ton of yummy veggies. (I’m a fan of reverse psychology…)
  • Hydrate. We have committed to 3L of water per day, get yourself a massive water bottle to help reach your goals (I love this motivational one)!
  • Alcohol-Free. Our liver needs a wee rest. I load my fridge with sparkling water to quench thirst with something other than “plain” water.
  • Eliminate Refined Sugar. You’ll be shocked at how many pantry items and “healthy” items have refined sugars, read your labels and when in doubt opt for fresh produce and lean protein!
  • Read More. We added reading at least 10 pages a day to force us off our screens if even for a few minutes. We are all avid readers and Covid made us fall off. This part of the guideline has us committing to cracking a spine at least once a day which always leads to us reading much, much more. Happy Day!

I struggled as to whether I should share this because I don’t want to be a part of the rampant world of diet culture of which I am still highly affected by. But I am posting just in case anyone out there is looking to feel supported in healthy choices. I know I couldn’t do this alone and am grateful for the crew I have around me. If you need a little support, don’t hesitate to hit me up, I got chuuuuuu!




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