#RenewYou: Revisit Your Budget

Well Cowes, now that summer is over and the second new year is upon us, it’s time to buckle up on the budget side of things — at least it is for us here at The Cowe. This summer, when we were “allowed” to leave the house, we knew no bounds and the best part, we have no regrets! Now, it’s time to reign it in. It can be overwhelming revisiting your budget and bank account but it’s super important to feel in control of your finances as opposed to an ignorance is bliss mentality.

On that note, we wanted to share with you some great resources to get you started on your road to financial freedom and learning to budget! Read on for where to start and how to get one step closer to feeling more financially stable. 

  1. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker: Don’t be intimidated by the title, this book is super easy to get through and a valuable introduction to figuring out how to change your money mindset. Think of it as almost a back to basics guide, and a serious reminder of ideas and ideals that typically go over your head. You’ll quickly learn how your childhood influences have shaped your financial destiny- who would have thought? We’re recommending this to everyone. 
  2. Mint Budget Tracker and Planner: This personal finance platform is magical — especially if you, like us, loathe a spreadsheet budget tracker *EW*. This app is amazing and it directly connects to your bank account. Once you set up the categories for spending and set your budget, it will flag with you if you’re going overboard or getting close to your monthly limits. Now, keep in mind that the app is only as smart as the parameters you give it, so if you don’t put in honest numbers or actually hook up all of your back end stuff, it’s not going to be as useful for you as you might want. *Like, realizing stuff.*
  3. Borrowell: This is a fire resource for you to keep an eye on your credit score on a monthly basis without having to pull your report that often. What we love about this is that they’ve gamified your credit report and it encourages you to do better every month. Recently, we’ve turned this whole thing into a challenge to see just how high we can get our credit scores. It also gives your recommendations on how to improve your credit and what changes you can make.

Cleo from our team actually worked with Vanessa Bowen who we had on CWC + Friends (click here to listen), she had an incredible experience with her through financial coaching that changed her life, absolutely no exaggeration. There will be a post next week where Cleo goes into depth on her experience with Vanessa and how much she helped her get out of more than $100K of debt. A taste of Cleo’s program includes three main takeaways that you’ll have to follow along to learn more about.

#1. Changing your money mindset requires you to acknowledge where your money blocks are coming from.

#2. You can still live a good, comfortable life, on a budget. You don’t have to sacrifice everything.

#3. Manifesting plays a role in your journey to financial freedom.

Are you feeling inspired to revisit your budget? Join us in getting back on track.


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