#RenewYou: The Art of Learning + Rediscovery

Cowes, thank you for joining us for another week of #RenewYou.

ICYMI, #RenewYou is our Friday series that kicked off our pre “New Year” at the beginning of September, which to us feels more like a new year than January 1. A friendly reminder that every Friday this month, we’re sharing how to refresh your style, revisit your budget, the art of learning, and how to stay on track with your health and wellness goals. Look out for these insider tips and tricks every Friday this month. For easy access, click here to visit the Fall Fashion Edit, and click here to discover how we’re revisiting our budget.

So, with September rolling around, going back to school still plays such a role in today’s world, with or without COVID- amirite? Since our team is not going back to school, we’re revisiting the art of learning, a simple concept. Everyone thinks learning has to be so complex but all it is defined as is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences. We learn, change and grow every day and we won’t let you forget it!


We like to refer to Skillshare as the adult platform to learn things that are ACTUALLY applicable to your daily life, passion, and/or hobby. After doing a deep dive on Skillshare, you’ll quickly discover casual courses that excite you more than any other elective you took in post-secondary. Wondering where to start? Check out the 11 best Skillshare classes of 2021 by clicking here. 

MasterClass Online Classes

You’ve definitely seen the ads before but honestly, these classes are worth it. The access you get to some of the most reputable and famous people around the world. All experts in their craft, they guide and teach you concepts applicable to life – there are some fun niche ideas too. They also update their class offerings super frequently and when you apply for a membership you have access to over 100 classes, courses and instructors, every month.


Lynda is a learning platform that has collaborated with LinkedIn to offer business, technology and creative courses that also allow you the opportunity to add certificates directly to your LinkedIn profile to enhance your profile and upgrade your qualifications. If you’re looking for a new job, this may be a good place to start figuring out what kind of things you like, while levelling up your LinkedIn profile.


We think the world underestimates the value of a YouTube tutorial or product review. These are what we call invaluable learning opportunities, trust us. When in doubt, YouTube it out. We love the people out there who take the time to walk us through a shared screen tutorial or help us make our next big furniture purchase with an in-depth review.


People either love Pinterest or they hate it – we love it! We are big advocates for taking time to figure out the platform because once you do, it is BEYOND worth it. It is the perfect resource for gorgeous imagery, recipes, workouts and reco’s from other users. It’s also just the encouragement we need to change our preferences or take a deep dive to discover new ways of thinking and understanding.

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