Canada’s First National Truth and Reconciliation Day | Orange Shirt Day

Today marks Canada’s first National Truth and Reconciliation Day and it’s about time. Honouring our Indigenous community is of the utmost importance and continuing the conversation around Canada’s history will have the greatest impact. Here at The Cowe, we have put together some helpful resources to help aid in your research efforts to honour our Indigenous community today and after. Though the Orange Shirt is important, it is so much more than just rocking a shirt. 

If you’re going to buy an orange shirt, please purchase from an approved Platforms to purchase an Orange Shirt
If you’re looking to start off by purchasing an orange shirt, we recommend starting with one of the two trusted sites below.



Decolonizing Child Welfare Webinar Panel on Sept 30th, 2021 @ 9:00 AM

Start #OrangeShirtDay by tuning into The Decolonizing Child Welfare Webinar Panel, this panel will focus on “new commitments dedicated to our continuing journey to decolonize Indigenous child welfare services in the city of Toronto.” As well as speaking to the challenges and opportunities for “transforming child welfare services following the first five Calls to Action of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

Indigenous Approved Educational Resources for Youth 

Change starts with education. This list of educational resources provides opportunities and access to educators and young people to help promote and “foster reconciliation and culturally based equity for Indigenous children and youth.”

Indigenous Education Toolkit

The AFN toolkit is a helpful resource that features 22 booklets with a mix of interactive activities, scripts, and learning modules that allow you to educate yourself on Indigenous issues and propel conversations and initiatives forward to help create equality for the indigenous people of Canada. 

Warrior Life Podcast 

You know one of our favourite forms of education is via podcast. Warrior Life is an Indigenous podcast about warrior life – “a lifestyle that focuses on decolonizing Indigenous peoples’ minds, bodies and spirits while at the same time revitalizing their cultures, traditions, laws and governing practices.” Let us know if you listen to it by tagging us here. 

We hope you are able to use these resources to further your own education, continue important conversations and as always help promote equality and love for a kinder Canada. 

Help Lines and Crisis Support 

For CRISIS SUPPORT 24/7 call 1-800-721-0066

If you require support, the following resources are available:

  • Crisis Services Canada,1-833-456-4566 or text 45645.
  • Hope For Wellness Helpline for Indigenous peoples, 1-855-242-3310.
  • Native Youth Crisis Line,1-877-209-1266.


We encourage you to take some time today to acknowledge National Truth and Reconciliation Day and don’t forget to wear orange! 


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