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CWC + Friends: A Conversation With Nicolle Hodges

This week on our final episode for Sexual Health Awareness Month, in partnership with KY-Canada, we were in deep discussion with Sexual Freedom Philosopher, Nicolle Hodges. 

One glance at Nicolle’s Instagram, and it’s clear she’s an expert on BDSM and an advocate for exploring sexuality enhanced by psychedelics, all while dismantling the patriarchy, do a deep dive on her profile here

Nicolle’s approach to sexuality, much like our other sexperts, was extremely inviting, open and shameless. Nicolle blew our minds with her perspective on debunking  virginity and why that language is detrimental specifically to young women and non inclusive of non-cisgender and the LGBTQ+ community.

She discussed at length the misconceptions around the Dom/Sub dynamics and how BDSM is rooted in boundaries, respect and consent. Understanding the nuances between these roles allows us to think critically when watching movies like 50 Shades of Grey and understand why the BDSM community was in an uproar regarding the film – SPOILER ALERT – just because he’s hot and wealthy does not exempt him from consent. 

We also asked Nicolle where the inspiration came from for her fantastic interview series “Men Who Take Baths,” which we highly recommend checking out! Through this series, Nicolle conducts interviews with men in a vulnerable state while asking them hard-hitting questions, and we are OBSESSED! 

When we asked Nicolle about her advocation for psychedelics in the bedroom, she told us it could deepen feeling and release emotional guards we may have up. As a result, when used in a safe and trusting environment, it can be a fun enhancement that might even lead to a sexual awakening or maybe one of your sexual debuts  😉 #IYKYK.

Nicolle was an absolute breadth of knowledge, and this conversation was one for the books! She gave us so much to unpack and lots to consider when reflecting on our own sexual experiences. Make sure you check out her IG so that you can keep learning and growing!

This season we realized learning about sex shouldn’t stop in High School – there is way too much to know – so make sure you check out all four conversations so you can bring a better you to the bedroom. 

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