The Cowe’s Comfort Guide to Thanksgiving Feasting

It is almost that time of year again. The hot sun mellows to a chilly afternoon; we order Pumpkin Spice, our favourite shows return, we button up our plaid with pride, stop stepping on the scale and start preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. 

After a long hiatus from social gatherings, it can feel a little unfamiliar and, let’s face it – just uncomfortable to attend holiday parties. What makes things worse is how picking the wrong outfit can undoubtedly lead to further discomfort; as a wise person once said, “When you look good, you feel good.” BUT we here at the Cowe know that when you look good while being comfy, you feel GREAT!

This Thanksgiving, say no to digging buttons, corseted waists or high-maintenance low necklines. 

Thanksgiving is a time to satiate your inner glutton and look fantastic doing it.

As a result, we have put together some simple wardrobe staples that will keep you looking stylish at all of your holiday festivities this fall while never compromising comfort. 

  1. Tuck away your little turkey neck with a gorgeous oversized wool sweater dress
  2. Flatter your figure with a high-waisted wide-leg dress pant with extra room for stuffing
  3. Wrap away your waistline, then wrap away some leftovers with a stunning wrap dress
  4. Bring the flair to this Thanksgiving affair in a flare bottom blazer dress
  5. Give thanks for fall foliage belted plaid skirts that help camouflage your feast
  6. If you’re not the smartest person at the table – at least look like it in an oxford shirt dress 
  7. Love handles no more with a comfy cable knit cardigan 
  8. Jump into your favourite mashed potatoes and gravy in a jersey jumper
  9. No more tummy troubles this Thanksgiving in a beautiful collared dress with ruching 
  10. Immediate family only this season? Pick and pair your own table worthy loungewear 

If we helped make your Thanksgiving fashion choices a little easier this long weekend, make sure to tag us on IG and follow along on the blog for all things festive this fall season.


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