#RegistryForMe: Household Edition

Gone are the days where we tied the knot at 21 and moved into our new homes the following day. The average age for marriage is now around 32, which is much higher than generations past. Many millennials are apprehensive about tying the knot altogether after suffering the repercussions of divorce and the single-family homes where they grew up. However, this doesn’t come without its challenges; with steady inflation and a significant increase in the real estate market, non-partnering can make it challenging to make more significant moves like getting approved for a mortgage or purchasing a car on a single salary.

As you head into your first home, or if you’re taking the plunge to upgrade your abode, you most likely won’t be creating a registry for you and your boo – that’s where we come in. Over the next four weeks, we will be providing you with your must-have items so you can create a gift registry for you. The best part, the only opinion that matters is yours! 

This week, we’re sharing 8 household items to add to your self-funded registry. We can’t wait for you to splurge on one or all of the below for yourself. 

  1. Don’t have the budget for a butler? Google Nest Hub will manage your household with ease. Play music, control lights and electronics, ask important questions and take care of orders, all with the sound of your voice. 
  2. This pandemic made us plant crazy! Give your plants the pot they deserve. Made with the ultimate craftsmanship and minimalist style, your plants and their buds will thank you. 
  3. The only B&E we want to experience is Bacon and Eggs. So, avoid Break and Enters and feel peace of mind with a Ring Alarm System
  4. A kettle that also serves as a decor element; cue Smeg. This is your sign to make the purchase *treat yourself*.
  5. Gone are the days of the dreaded Central Vac – leave the hose behind with a sleek yet powerful Cordless Dyson.
  6. The search for the perfect bath towel is over. This Hydrocotton Organic Quick Dry Towel is made of 100% Organic Cotton which is ten times more absorbent than the average towel while still maintaining its soft luxurious feel wash after wash.
  7. There’s nothing we appreciate more than a surround sound moment. The Sonos Arc is our saving grace, mount it below your main TV to level up your sound quality. You can also wirelessly sync other electronics to enhance everyone’s experience at home.
  8. A signature coffee table book collection is never not worth the investment. If you’re stuck, start with the world’s top five picks:

We know these fantastic items will have you loving your space that much more! So make sure to let us know what items you can’t live without in the comments and follow us on IG to tag us when you Register yourself over the next four weeks.


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