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CWC + Friends: Dr. Linda

What if we told you the best beauty secret is within your reach at this very moment?!

This week on CWC, we went skin deep with Dr. Linda, Founder and CEO of 1Clinic Toronto.

Here at the Cowe, you know we love ourselves a strong, successful woman, and Dr. Linda is no exception; not only is she a physician, a founder and CEO of her brainchild 1Clinic, but she does all this while juggling a brand new baby boy and sporting a 6pack #GOALSAF! Dr. Linda was inspired to become a physician at a young age by seeing her brother suffer from Lupus. In addition, her unshakeable entrepreneurial spirit developed watching her immigrant family run their own business. 

1Clinic is the dream multidisciplinary approach to the medical field Dr. Linda brought to fruition; she identified a space where she felt a divide between a personalized medical experience and a luxury privatized feel. So what’s the advantage of visiting a clinic with a founding Physician? In cases that medical complications arise, there is a physician on hand to write you a script or immediately tend to any difficulties or complications that may occur. 

Are you dying to know Dr. Linda’s best-kept beauty secret? – SPOILER ALERT- it’s prevention!

When it comes to Botox and Filler, what should we be asking our Dr.?  Dr. Linda advises approaching medical treatments similarly to choosing an interior designer; choose someone who shares your taste and style; ask questions regarding potential migration that can happen and also, make sure to actively cultivate relationships with all the medical professionals in your life to help ensure you stay on top of your health. 

This week we made sure to identify the most essential beauty secrets for your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Dr. Linda’s first two pieces of advice apply to all age groups – incorporate healthy eating, exercise regularly to prevent later complications like diabetes and incorporate a skincare regime that includes Vitamin C and Sunscreen for younger-looking skin. 

Dr. Linda’s Tips for Every Age

20’s: Continue regular Pap tests, keep up with blood work, blood pressure and cancer screening. 

30’s: Begin fertility testing. Focus on skincare products that help with pigmentation and on deflation areas within the skin. 

40’s: Perform a breast cancer screening every two years, and begin colon cancer screening. Start incorporating retinol. 

Regardless of your age or area of concern, it is time to feel empowered and take accountability for your health! Dr. Linda recommends working in tiny increments as it is instrumental to more significant long-term changes to your overall health.

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