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In The Know With Coco + Cowe: Friday October 22, 2021

Happy Friyay, Cowes! This week stay #InTheKnow. With the latest Travis to join the Kardashian clan, tips and tricks for fall baking, buzzy books, Hot Girl Meg eats Hot Girl Hot Wings, dating your friends, Halloween nail inspo and a whole lot more! 

  1. Kourtney gets engaged, and Travis doesn’t miss a beat.
  2. Save running for your treadmill with the best pantyhose money can buy.
  3. The most horrifying nail inspo for Halloween.
  4. Winter is in the air – get your healthiest hair.
  5. You heard it here first – date your friends!  
  6. Ace your baking with tips and tricks.
  7. Apply your newfound baking tips to this Maple Pecan Pumpkin Pie.
  8. Snuggle in this weekend with these buzzy books.
  9. Hot Girl Summer might be over, but Meg is still eating Hot Wings.
  10. Make the best bed with this bedding guru.
  11. Are Megan Fox and MGK the perfect pair? 
  12. Is RealestK viral TikTok star Toronto’s next big export? 
  13. The best Bachelorette recap you’ll ever read.
  14. What we know about the disappearance of Gabby Petito.
  15. Majid Jordan are back with latest album release, Wildest Dreams.


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