#RegistryForMe: Luxury Edition

You’ve been following along all month, and by now, you have amassed a magnificent registry to upgrade your home or get you ready for a new one. This week we talk luxury in our final instalment of #RegistryForMe. Luxuries can be tricky purchases where you’re unsure which percentage of the price reflects the quality and which percentage is a result of the brand name. Thankfully, you have us to help you make those distinctions, empowering your purchasing decisions and minimizing dreaded buyer’s remorse. When debating purchasing luxury on a limited budget, make sure to calculate the CPW (cost per wear) or the CPU (cost per use). For example, investing $1000 in a luxury espresso machine might seem overwhelming. Still, when factoring in not grabbing your $6 daily latte, it suddenly becomes a lot more affordable and even an overall more intelligent investment. With the holiday season quickly approaching, don’t be afraid to share these posts with your family and friends to help simplify their shopping experience. 

  1. Feel like your sleeping at Four Seasons every night after investing in their Luxury Hotel Sheet Set.
  2. Level up your fragrance game with Byredo.
  3. Take your carry on from 0 to 100 with Rimowa’s Original Cabin aluminium suitcase.
  4. Slide into comfort with Gucci.
  5. Take any look to the next level with these Amina Muaddi heels, fit for Cinderella.
  6. Treat yourself to the finer things, jewelry is always a good idea. No one says no to Hermès.
  7. This is your sign to invest in a designer sneaker. 

Make sure you grab the complete list of #RegistryForMe by checking out our list of essentials for Household, Kitchen and Personal too! Make sure to tag us on IG and let us know what you love and what you think should’ve made our list! 


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