Why (my skin) and I Fell In Love With SKINBYVEE

As the rest of my body, my skin kind of got ignored over the past couple of years. Except for maybe the occasional face mask, the forever state of lockdown that Canada committed to, kept me out of the spa and deeply into Netflix… With lockdown finally removing its stink from our beautiful city of Toronto, I jumped at the chance to get my skin in check with a Beauty Expert named Vee who I had been hearing rave reviews about for years.

Walking into SKINBYVEE, all of the aesthetic vibes are hit with smashing success. From the minimalist logo suspended invisibly to the dove grey stucco outdoor wall, to the exposed brick interior and the boucle oblong couch, it’s all there and it’s all a serious vibe. You can feel from the outset that Vee is a purest at heart and once you’ve removed your clothes and are cuddled up into her plush heated bed, you know you’re ready for the facial of a lifetime.

And so it was. Yes, I left glowing and relaxed, but what I enjoyed most about Vee are 5 things that I believe really set her apart and I really wanted to share those with you:

  1. Keep it Cool: Heat, in Vee’s opinion, causes trauma therefore when utilizing Cryo (Cold Therapy) it will bring down any inflammation in the skin– this can present itself in the form of Rosacea, acne, sensitivity, or irritation. You will notice immediately after a facial by Vee, your skin is radiant, glowing, and very unified in complexion- this is partly due to the use of cold.
  2. Massages Aren’t Just For The Bod: Massage therapy has so many wonderful benefits- helping bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin, sculpting, lifting, and most importantly in our current stressful climate a component of relaxation.
  3. Wavy Baby: Vee utilizes Ultrasonic Wavelength, technology that allows blackheads, dead skin cells, and extra sebum (oil) in the follicle to slowly come loose and surface. This technology allows a controlled method of extraction as there is little to no pushing which in turn can lead to scar tissue.
  4. It’s a Vibe, a 00’s RnB vibe that is: Vee is booked from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm and for that, Vee always sets the tone. She loves music as much as I do and believes that it puts us in a “happy state”. While she works her magic on your face for two hours, your mind and body will be happy to be there too.
  5. More Than Just a Pretty Face: Vee’s facials are truly unique because her approach is to treat the skin in a holistic way- treating the skin as an entire entity by looking at gut health and stress health which in turn could be affecting the skin. To approach the skin in a one-dimensional approach- just skincare is doing the skin an injustice, SKINBYVEE looks at all factors of each individual and treats each client uniquely based on their DNA.

Though Vee has a long list of celeb clients that take up most of her time, she is worth the wait and the price tag.

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