#FridayFlowers: 5 Things We Love About Kayla Grey

TGIF, Cowes!

Welcome to another month of Friday series #OnTheBlog. Pre-holiday season, we’re shining light on a handful of women who we look up to in the city.

We are strong believers in collaboration over competition, especially from woman to woman. We believe every woman deserves her flowers, and if we can be part of the team that hypes up other women to continue living their truth and doing their damn thing, then we will continue doing just that.

It’s so important for us to remind our peers just how far they’ve come because it can be so easy to lose sight of the accomplishments you’ve achieved and the little wins you’ve swept under the rug, over time.

This week, we’re giving Miss. Kayla Grey her #FridayFlowers, in collaboration with local Flower Shop by Wolf & Moon (click here to follow what they’re up to).

Scroll on for five things we love and are proud of about Kayla Grey.

  1. This boss lady was the first Black woman to ever host a flagship sports-highlight show in Canada. If you’re not familiar with Kayla Grey, check out some of her strongest highlights here. 
  2. Kayla is an exceptional mother, mentor, friend, sports anchor, host, executive producer, and hype bae.
  3. Kayla started her own show just this year, cue The Shift. Click here to explore episodes of The Shift. A show created to share the shift in sports culture, media, and how we as fans consume and engage with the biggest storylines. Kayla Grey taps into the ways we discuss, share, unpack, and add nuance to our conversations.
  4. Kayla is a passionate firecracker. Her energy is unmatched and she leads every project with love, purpose, and conviction.
  5. Kayla is not afraid to go against the grain, especially when it means advocating for what she believes in. She’s created space and opportunities for Black women in this industry.

You can follow Kayla Grey by clicking here and The Shift by clicking here. 

Use this as your reminder to celebrate your success and lift up those around you.


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