#FridayFlowers: 5 Things We Love About Briony Douglas

TGIF, Cowes!

We’re back for another #FridayFlowers feature. This month, we’re shining light on a handful of women who we look up to in the city.

We are strong believers in collaboration over competition, especially from woman to woman. We believe every woman deserves her flowers, and if we can be part of the team that hypes up other women to continue living their truth and doing their damn thing, then we will continue doing just that.

It’s so important for us to remind our peers just how far they’ve come because it can be so easy to lose sight of the accomplishments you’ve achieved and the little wins you’ve swept under the rug, over time. Check out last week’s #FridayFlowers, featuring Kayla Grey.

This week, we’re giving Briony Douglas her #FridayFlowers, in collaboration with local Flower Shop by Wolf & Moon (click here to follow what they’re up to).

Scroll on for five things we love and are proud of about Briony Douglas.

  1. Briony Douglas is a creative visionary. A visual artist, photographer, director and illustrator who has become a leader in the space, recognized locally and globally.
  2. Briony’s perspective is admirable. She sees value in things that would be discarded by other people. Her unique POV results in purposeful art, meant to push boundaries and reshape the perception of how we view ourselves.
  3. Briony is a girl’s girl. She advocates for women of all backgrounds and has always lifted up those around her. Let’s just say, she gives her peers their flowers.
  4. Briony is an advocate for mental health, body positivity, and makes a conscious effort to showcase society’s shortcomings, by leveraging her art through world-renowned brand activations and self-starter campaigns.
  5. Briony’s sneaker collection is impeccable. This legend finds unique ways of incorporating coveted and classic kicks into her projects. We look to her for serious shoe game inspo.

You can follow Briony and all of the cool things she does by clicking here.  Click here for Briony’s website.

Use this as your reminder to celebrate your success and lift up those around you.


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