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CWC + Friends: 72 Questions With The Trio


We played 72 Questions with the Gang on CWC + Friends, where we talk about everything from superpowers we wish we had, to when we feel the sexiest. Playing 72 questions is a great way to start off any girls night (beverages are always a good idea), or to get to know a partner on a more intimate level.

Throughout this episode, we asked each other a variety of questions from different categories and took turns sharing our responses. These questions prompted us to reflect on things like what sparks joy in our lives, qualities we seek out in partners as well as our favourite ways to indulge in self-care and everything in between. Not only do you get to learn more about your tribe but also you get to challenge your own thoughts and ideas in a fun, safe space.

Some questions to get the group going…

  • When’s the last time you took accountability and called yourself out on your own BS?
  • What would your dream job be if qualifications nor money had to be worried about?
  • What last made you laugh uncontrollably?
  • What is your most controversial opinion?
  • What’s the most recent trend that you’ll never participate in?

Listen now to hear the remaining questions along with some words of wisdom and life lessons that Coco, Cleo and Pilar as they discuss with one another. Together, they get reflexive, raw and real (as always). We covered almost 72 questions… so stayed tuned for a part two- maybe with alcohol this time!

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