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CWC + Friends: Devon Brooks

Happy Hump Day, Cowes!

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Devon Brooks, who is the Founder and CEO of Sphere, a virtual platform that connects individuals with coaches. Devon has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, she was the Co-Founder of Blo Blow Dry Bar, a salon franchise chain offering “catwalk quality hair” to women at an affordable price. Devon and I go way back! She was our very first speaker at Coco Con, shortly after she sold her shares of Blo and was in the trial phases of launching Sphere. Her energy is unmatched and she has the most graceful way with words. You’ll pick up on that immediately after listening.

Devon is a serial entrepreneur who is continuously looking for the gaps in business concepts and brainstorming how she can fill them with her innovative ideas. Beyond her role of being a bomb businesswoman, Devon is also a mother to two beautiful little ones. We were able to chat about starting and maintaining business ventures, motherhood, the power of manifestation and everything in between on this week’s episode. 

As the founder of two vastly different, yet successful business ventures, Devon was able to offer insight as to how she has found success as a woman in business. Devon highlighted the importance of reflecting on your own talents when embarking down the road of starting your own business and deciphering how they can best serve your biz. Devon emphasizes the value of always being clear and transparent with ourselves as the roles we fit best within our ventures may evolve over time.

As we all know it, with the highs of successes there are often lows…When asked how she deals with failure, Devon shared that she “feels the frustration of it, takes it, [questions] what do I do with this information, what do I learn, what do I see now that I didn’t see before, and use that opportunity to ask questions to articulate the next steps forward”. Devon believes this is crucial to see the feeling of abundance and optimism that will motivate you to trek forward.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of being clear, transparent and critical with ourselves when contemplating where our strengths best serve our own businesses and ventures, while recognizing when this starts to shift as it influences what other roles you step into to support the growth of your company
  • When being inspired by and borrowing the ideas of others to implement as your own in a different light or context, it is important to do so with recognition and honour
  • Individuals should try things over and over again in different ways, rather than saying you tried it and “it didn’t work”, because iteration is how you achieve innovation
  • Look at the future of business concepts not what they currently are

One of our favourite moments from our conversation with Devon was in reference to the power of manifestation, “I fundamentally, unabashedly believe that if we can do both, manifest through thinking, speaking into fruition, as well as taking the actionable steps, cause that’s the thing that lots of people forget, is that you can’t just think things to truth, you also then need to be following up with actions small and large every day, that cultivate that truth that your thinking, that truth that you’re speaking”.

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