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In The Know With Coco + Cowe: Friday December 3, 2021

TGIF Cowes! This week stay #InTheKnow with an alcohol infused Hot Chocolate recipe, a sneak peek of Emily in Paris Season 2, saying farewell to Virgil, a men’s holiday gift guide sure to win over your beau, the most scandalous episode of CWC to date, advice for those of us that hate the dating game, Toronto’s best greasy spoons and more! 

  1. Hating the dating game? – Read this
  2. The 19+ Hot Chocolate recipe you’ve been waiting for! 
  3. Emily is back in Paris for Season 2!
  4. Toronto’s restaurant scene is feeling festive! 
  5. The best sex toy based on your Zodiac.
  6. Are we excited for the Sex and the City reboot? 
  7. This Men’s holiday gift guide will keep you from doing returns. 
  8. Toronto’s best greasy spoons
  9. This 30 min HIIT workout will have you shredded for summer. 
  10. Virgil was here. 
  11. Give your guests holiday table envy.
  12. Sip the tea listening to our latest episode of CWC featuring Oil Tycoon CEO and scandal survivor Jyoti Matharoo.
  13. New Music Friday, SZA dropped the highly anticipated, I Hate You.
  14. It’s not about the scarf, it’s about the keychain. @Swifties step up!
  15. Is your love language words of affirmation?


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