#FridayFlowers: Meghan Yuri Young

TGIF, Cowes!

We’re back for another #FridayFlowers feature. This month, we’re shining light on a handful of women who we look up to in the city.

We are strong believers in collaboration over competition, especially from woman to woman. We believe every woman deserves her flowers, and if we can be part of the team that hypes up other women to continue living their truth and doing their damn thing, then we will continue doing just that.

It’s so important for us to remind our peers just how far they’ve come because it can be so easy to lose sight of the accomplishments you’ve achieved and the little wins you’ve swept under the rug, over time. Check out last week’s #FridayFlowers, featuring Shannae Ingleton Smith and the week before that, Briony Douglas, and our kick off with Kayla Grey.

This week, we’re giving Meghan Yuri Young her #FridayFlowers, in collaboration with local Flower Shop by Wolf & Moon (click here to follow what they’re up to).

Scroll on for five things we love and are proud of about Meghan Yuri Young.

  • Meghan is truly a wonder woman who wears many hats. She is a Toronto-based freelance writer and producer, Breakfast Television correspondent, Founder of The Sad Collective and is a United Way ambassador.
  • Meghan is an avid wellness advocate who has continuously used her voice and platform to bring awareness to mental health, both on and offline spaces. Meghan’s courage to share her own mental health journey led to the creation of a safe space for many others to come together and do the same.
  • Meghan is as down to earth as it gets, as even with her many accolade, she regards volunteering and mentoring as her top achievements as these led her to career opportunities that were aligned with the change she wanted to evoke within her community.
  • With over a decade of experience in the media industry, Meghan has remained an “idea person” and a hard worker that has never feared taking risks.
  • Meghan has exemplified what it means to be remain true to your core values. Meghan’s passion for art, culture and storytelling are always fore-fronted in the projects and causes she stands behind. One of the many reasons we look up to her!

Follow Meghan here and all of the impressive purposeful things The Sad Collective is doing here


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