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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday December 10, 2021

Happy Friyay Cowes! This week stay #InTheKnow with a discussion around rebranding virginity, recipes to go bananas over, where to catch the best NYE fireworks, walk down the aisle in style, the best places to dine in Toronto and lots more. 

  1. The best beet salad is Kardashian approved.
  2. Watch Nikkie Tutorials transform Adele.
  3. Let’s re-brand virginity
  4. We’re going bananas for these recipes.
  5. The 100 best dining experiences in Toronto.
  6. Skate your way through this amazing holiday trail.
  7. Don’t miss out on these NYE Fireworks.
  8. Who knew candy cane mini eggs existed? Not us. Purchase them herenow.
  9. Use Classpass to get ahead of those New Year’s resolutions.
  10. 88 incredible gifts for her curated by Vogue.
  11. Walking down the aisle in style.
  12. Lamar Odom kills addiction with Ketamine.
  13. We’re obsessed with Lily Collins beauty essentials! 
  14. The Princess Switch now has three parts… Send help. *still watching it*
  15. The best shapeware on Amazon at this time.
  16. Sephora stocking stuffers under $50 this season.


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