How to Feel Motivated to Do Anything Right Now

In the thick of Winter and lockdown part 100, it’s appearing that our Cowes can be reminded of a little motivation. (I mean, duh!) Follow along for some simple but effective pick you up’s.

Treat Yourself to a New Mug

All we’re doing is filling up on coffee and cozying up with tea. Get a mug that you’re excited to reach for because after all, it’s the little things that add up to make a difference. Explore our favourites below.

Sam James Coffee Bar Mug

Luke John Matthew Arnold Pride Mug

Urban Outfitters Female Form Mug

New Year, New Notebook

We are serious advocates for writing shit down. Get into the habit of writing even one line a day for a week to start and see how it makes you feel. Explore our favourite planners and notebooks below.

The Productivity Planner 

Simple Self: The Self Care Planner

Dovecote 2022 12-Month Softcover Spiral Planner

Transform Your Sleep Schedule

Invest in new sheets and a pillowcase, especially right now as we prioritize resting up!

Four Seasons Sheet Set

Elevate your beauty sleep and channel clear skin by indulging in Slip’s beauty sleep to-go set!

SEASONS Portable Waterless Nebulizing Diffuser

Emit relaxing aromatherapy vapours throughout your bedroom by purchasing an oil diffuser. Essential oils have great benefits for helping you fall asleep faster and claim to improve the overall quality of your rest.

Discover Vitamins

Chat with your doctor to see what’s right for your routine but it’s likely that we’re not consuming all of the nutrients we need via food. Read on for some globally vetted supplement recs, starting with Persona Nutrition (you get a little packet a day, so if you’re always on the go, you’ll never miss a dose).

Seed seems to be the most sought-after probiotic in the market, we’re going to try it out and let you know our thoughts. Stay tuned!

Arrae’s alchemy capsules eliminate bloating within one hour! These have quickly become our latest must-have that we can’t leave the house without.

Sweat it Out 

The last thing on our mind has been hitting the gym from our condo living rooms. Let’s be real, we’re struggling to even make it out of bed but WE PROMISE YOU, you will feel 1000% better after just an at-home 15-minute virtual no equipment sweat. See some of our go-to virtual fitness resources below.

Shannon Nadj of Hot Pilates began offering online Pilates sessions via IG Live at the beginning of the very first lockdown, and through profound success, she has grown her global community so much that she now offers virtual pilates via Get Hot On Demand, the official online platform for Hot Pilates annd it burns so good.

Our all-time favourite fitness instructor Melissa Wood Health has formulated her own method that focuses on building the body you desire while building a stronger relationship with yourself! 

Looking to try something new? The Class is a cathartic workout experience that is mat-based and music-driven!

How are you staying motivated these days? Let us know by tagging us here. 


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