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CWC + Friends: Part Two of CWC + Friends

Cowes – ask, and you shall receive! This week on CWC, we belly laughed our way through playing 72 Questions Part 2 (ish)! So, if you haven’t checked out 72 Questions Part 1, what are you waiting for?!

It’s always a good time when you gather your friends to engage in a fun game, especially one that provides you with more insight, deepens your connection, builds rapport and changes your perspective. 

Some questions to get the group going…

  • What fictional character are you choosing to be your BFF?
  • The best way to win me over is ___.
  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • Reveal your inner weirdo – tell us an unusual habit you have?
  • What TikTok audio loops in your brain on repeat? 
  •  Is there anything that was sacrificed as a result of cancel culture that you’d want to revive?

We’d love for you to grab your besties and play along with us! Find a complete list of our fave questions here, and make sure to tag us @cocoandcowe with your favourite takeaways! 

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